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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions regarding our BIO BLOCK® product.

BIO BLOCKS® are made of 100% hardwood waste compacted together under high pressure to create a solid cordwood or coal replacement. No binders or additives are added to BIO BLOCKS® making them environmentally friendly and safe to use in your home or for cooking in an outdoor fire pit.

BIO BLOCKS are only available through retail stores. Go to the dealer locator page and enter your zip code to find the dealer closest to your home. We do not sell directly from the plant.

Yes, BIO BLOCKS® will increase your BTU’s which will decrease the creosote buildup in your chimney. One advantage of adding BIO BLOCKS® to firewood is that your fire will burn better if your wood is green or wet. However, mixing the two eliminates some of the advantages of burning BIO BLOCKS® alone – less ash, less creosote, less dirt and no bugs!

We suggest starting your BIO BLOCK® fire with newspaper or a fire starter because the wood waste is compacted too tight to light with a match. BIO BLOCKS® are designed as a replacement for firewood or to be used in addition to firewood but are not considered a fire starter.

SWI stands for Summit Wood Industries which is the name of our company.

BIO BLOCKS® must be stored in a dry location.

Fuel oil and natural gas are very susceptible to market conditions, especially in this economy. Additionally, fuel oil is imported and releases harmful chemicals when burned. Cordwood contains high moisture, making its BTUs unpredictable when burned. BIO BLOCKS® are a clean, cost-effective alternative to other heating sources. BIO BLOCKS® are not dependent upon foreign sources; it is a 100% domestic product. BIO BLOCKS® also are carbon neutral and release no harmful chemicals, making it a family-safe product. BIO BLOCKS® have a predictable manufacturing process; therefore, the BTUs are consistent in every BIO BLOCK®.

BIO BLOCKS® are a product of kiln-dried hardwood waste which kills all bugs and bacteria in the drying process. BIO BLOCKS® can be transported across county and state lines so they are a good alternative to camp firewood.

No. Unlike pellet stoves which require electricity to operate, BIO BLOCKS® burn in your existing wood stove. In order to burn BIO BLOCKS®, no additional modifications need to be made. Keep in mind, however, that BIO BLOCKS® burn hotter then firewood, so you will need to experiment with how many to use in your stove at one time.

Check with your local dealer to see if they offer home delivery. Many of our dealers do offer delivery for a nominal charge.

BIO BLOCKS® are manufactured by Summit Wood Industries in Orrville, Ohio.

Simply stack four BIO BLOCKS® in a pyramid form, leaving a one inch space, build a second group of four in front of the first.  Place a BIO BLOCK® Fire Starter in the center of the pyramid, and ignite. Once a good fire is established, additional BIO BLOCKS® may be added. Because BIO BLOCKS® are tightly compressed, it will not work to start them by holding a match or torch directly to the block!

Yes. BIO BLOCKS® are an all natural, carbon neutral, energy efficient product. BIO BLOCKS® are made from 100% hardwood waste so no trees are harvested to create this product. BIO BLOCKS® also burn clean and do not release any chemicals into the environment making them eco friendly.

BIO BLOCKS® are consistently low in moisture; firewood is unpredictable in its moisture content. This means firewood wastes energy when burned because of its moisture content. Additional energy has to be used to convert water into steam. This steam is emitted through your chimney, creating a dangerous creosote buildup. BIO BLOCKS®  burn so clean that you won’t have to worry about covering your neighborhood in smoke.

  • Using BIO BLOCKS® is a lifestyle choice! Spend more time with your family, instead of using your evenings and weekends to chop firewood.
  • BIO BLOCKS® are economical. One ton of BIO BLOCKS® is equivalent to one and half cords of firewood.
  • BIO BLOCKS® are safe, easy to use, and cleaner then firewood. No more bringing bugs into your house!
  • BIO BLOCKS® provide a warm, even heat giving you a cozy house without worrying about what your thermostat is set at!

BIO BLOCKS® can be used in any wood stove without modifications. BIO BLOCKS® can also be used in your woodburning fireplace, chimnea, fire pit, and campfires. BIO BLOCKS® can be used alone or mixed with firewood.

BIO BLOCKS® are carbon neutral, meaning that no new chemicals or substances are added to the air when being burned. BIO BLOCKS® are made from hardwood waste, which contains a certain amount of carbon absorbed from photosynthesis. When burned, BIO BLOCKS® release the same amount of carbon from previous absorption making them an eco friendly altenative to firewood.

BIO BLOCKS® are available through a network of dealers. Go to our dealer locator page and enter your zip code to find a dealer near you.

BIO BLOCKS® are easy to use as a firewood or coal replacement. Instead of loading your stove with coal or cordwood, simply replace with BIO BLOCKS®. If you already have cordwood, BIO BLOCKS® can be used with firewood in a wood stove, woodburning fireplace, fire pit, chimnea or campfire.

Fire Pit

Questions regarding our Fire Pit

BIO BLOCKS® can be used for Dutch Oven Cooking. We recommend starting with 10 BIO BLOCKS® so you have plenty of hot coals. Start your fire 1 1/2 hours before you plan to cook, allowing the BIO BLOCKS® to burn down. A 12" Dutch Oven fits perfectly in the BIO BLOCK® Portable Fire Pit. Remove some of the coals, place your Dutch Oven in the fire pit, and place the coals that were removed on the lid of your oven as you would with charcoal. Keep in mind, however, that BIO BLOCKS® burn very hot so you will need to reduce the cooking time. Because of the even output of heat, we do not turn our Dutch Oven when cooking. Check your food often for best results.

Although the fire pit was designed to burn BIO BLOCKS® cordwood can be used alone or with BIO BLOCKS® to create a cozy campfire.

The BIO BLOCK® Portable fire pit is designed to hold 8 BIO BLOCKS® which provides 1 ½ to 2 hours of flame and 2 hours more of hot coals. We do not recommend trying to burn one block because there is not enough surface area to establish a good fire.

BIO BLOCKS® are safe to cook over because no glue or additives are added to BIO BLOCKS®.